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PAP Teeth Whitening Powder | Dentist Approved

PAP Teeth Whitening Powder | Dentist Approved

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  • Remove all types of stains & yellowing.
  • Get dentist-smooth & clean teeth.
  • 6 month enamel & gum safe supply.

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The original powder that took social media by storm in 2017 is better than ever. Our dentist approved PAP Whitening Powder gently and gradually whitens your smile over time (No BS or over promises!). A safe daily whitening treatment that vanishes away stains from life's overindulgences. 

    • Remove all types of stains & yellowing.
    • Get dentist-smooth & clean teeth.
    • Safe for enamel and gums
    • 6-month whitening supply per tub.
    • Tailored for those with stained or yellowing teeth from coffee, wine, or smoking. Gentle on sensitive teeth.

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    • Step 1 - Just Dip 🪥

      It's easy! Simply dip your toothbrush into the 6-month-supply tub, containing our signature PAP formula.

    • Step 2 - Brush 🦷

      Gently brush your teeth for 2-4 minutes, then spit and rinse - you will immediately see the stains in the sink!

    • Step 3 - Smirk! 😏

      Rock that brighter, stain-free smirk! Repeat 2x per week to maintain, without ditching your fave food/drink.

    • Safe & ultra-gentle

      Smirk PAP Powder is non-toxic and made without bleach or peroxide, making it safe to use and gentle on even sensitive teeth.

    • Get that super-clean feeling

      Love that “just visited the hygenist feeling”? Smirk PAP Powder also leaves teeth feeling post-dentist, teeth-lickingly good clean!

    • Remove tough stains

      Smirk® PAP Powder lets you remove stains left by years of coffee, tea, smoking, and other indulgences.

    I was desperate for a product that…

    "Would whiten my teeth! I have tried all the pastes, gels, powders and liquids. They would whiten just a bit....never satisfied. I saw Smirk on Facebook and thought I’d give it a try Wow!!! I love it. It has whitened my teeth 5x better than any other product."

    ★★★★★ - RATED 5/5 BY HOLLY


    "My teeth discoloured over the years, coffee, wine haven’t helped, thought I’d give this a try before booking an expensive whitening appointment. I’m so impressed how this simple powder has removed stains, would certainly recommend!"

    ★★★★★ - RATED 5/5 BY DAVE


    The PAP Difference

    In the sea of teeth whiteners, it's a mix bag - some hit the mark, others miss, and a bunch might even hurt your dental health, leaving you with damaged enamel and a hefty bill. Go for the win with Smirk PAP Powder, the choice that dentists give a thumbs up, safe on your enamel, and backed by the real deal—clinical proof*—with over 400k+ smiles to vouch for it.

    • PAP Pro

      The original teeth whitening powder, now with advanced PAP . Unleash its transformative power to achieve a whiter, cleaner smile that defies expectations.

    • HAP (Hydroxyapatite)

      A natural mineral found in teeth and bones. New research supports its effectiveness in whitening teeth. HAp has many additional benefits including enamel repair and plaque removal.

    • Tetrasodium

      Helps remove stains by binding to the ions that cause discolouration in food and drink. Enhances the health of your mouth by balancing pH. Inhibits plaque formation by disrupting dental biofilms.

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    Is it safe for dental work?

    Certainly! Smirk® Teeth Whitening Powder PAP Pro is safe for caps, implants, bridges, veneers, and bonding. It helps maintain consistent coloration by keeping natural teeth the same shade as dental work, ensuring an even, confident smile.

    Will it cause tooth sensitivity?

    Absolutely not. Our peroxide-free formula is gentle on teeth and gums, free from PEG, parabens, and phthalates. It features Strontium Chloride Hexahydrate, known for sensitivity relief, forming a protective barrier over nerve endings for a pain-free experience.

    What stains can it remove?

    Designed to eliminate various stains and yellowing, including those from coffee, tea, food, wine, and tobacco. Unlike abrasive alternatives, our non-abrasive, enamel-safe formula ensures effective whitening without harming your teeth.

    How do I use it and how often?

    Easily incorporate our Teeth Whitening Powder into your routine. Dip your toothbrush into the powder, brush for 4 minutes, twice per week, in addition to regular brushing. Gradually remove stains from coffee, tea, food, wine, and more while enjoying a refreshing minty taste.

    Can it replace my regular toothpaste?

    Our Teeth Whitening Powder complements, not replaces, your regular toothpaste. Use it before brushing with your usual toothpaste for optimal results.

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    PAP Whitening Powder

    Regular price £24.99
    Regular price £29.99 Sale price £24.99 Save 16%
    Tax included. Shipping calculated at checkout.