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Easy whitening with vibrations

A dental hygienist level whiten & clean with 3 state-of-the-art changeable attachments, engineered by world leading dentists.

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Transform your smile with Smirk®! Say goodbye to harsh chemicals and expensive treatments. Our products effectively whiten even tough stains, right from the comfort of your own home.

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Brightening smiles by the millions!

Since 2014, Smirk has helped whiten & brighten over 9 million teeth and counting! You'll find us in dental clinics around the world for that very reason. What makes our products special?

  • Safe for regular use

    Keep teeth shining for the long haul with Smirk®. Our products are safe for regular, long-term use.

  • Remove tough stains

    Smirk® lets you remove stains left by years of coffee, tea, smoking, and other indulgences.

  • Safe & ultra-gentle

    All Smirk products are non-toxic and made without bleach or peroxide, making them safe to use and gentle on even sensitive teeth.

  • Get that super-clean feeling

    Love that “just visited the hygenist feeling”? Smirk® also leaves teeth feeling post-dentist, teeth-lickingly good clean!

Fall in love with your smile again!

See how 9 million teeth (and counting) are getting brighter and whiter without harsh chemicals or expensive trips to the dentist's office!