Our Story

Smirk® Teeth Whitening & Oral Care

Back in 2014, there was a problem in the UK. Teeth whitening shops were popping up on every corner…or at least it seemed that way. Most were using products that could be dangerous when administered incorrectly and most were also NOT staffed by dentists. Luckily, the law changed to protect consumers. Unfortunately, many clinics stayed open without the legally required certified dentists.

We wanted to help people smile brighter, but we weren’t comfortable with the in-clinic approach. The teeth whitening systems were too harsh on teeth, they were expensive, and they weren’t super safe.

We got frustrated. We were disappointed. We were angry.

Why would customers pay for something that wasn’t good for them? Because there wasn’t a better alternative. 

So we stopped wallowing in grumpiness and got to work designing a system safe for regular at-home use. A system that would be easy and free from junk. A system that would be gentle even on sensitive teeth.

That’s where Smirk came from.

Our mission is to provide safe, affordable, legal, dentist-approved teeth-whitening products for people to use at home.

From that day, and every day going forward, we promise to hold true to our values of:

  • Transparency: our products do exactly what they promise, with no hidden “gotchas” or junk ingredients.
  • Autonomy: it’s your smile, you deserve to be in control of it.
  • Quality: we give you dentist-quality products that are safe and easy to use at home.

Together we can create a brighter world. Because who couldn’t use more smiles?

Invest in your best smile here.