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A dental hygienist clean at home is now possible.

Introducing Smirk® 3-in-1 Ultrasonic Tooth Cleaner, your at-home dental hygiene solution that is designed to deliver the same results as a dentist scale & polish.

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Scale & Polish

Bye-bye dental hygienist… For the first time, Smirk® 3-in-1 Ultrasonic Cleaner is bringing a dental-grade scale and polish that you can use at home!

Flat Tip – For stains and plaque on the tooth surface.

Needle Tip – For eliminating stains between the teeth and plaque buildup between them.

Toothbrush – For maintaining a natural, healthy smile!

Why scale & polish?

The effects of poor dental hygiene can be devastating for teeth and gums. In addition to being expensive, it can also lead to bad breath, gum disease, receding gums, dental decay, and even tooth loss.

In minutes, the Smirk® 3-in-1 Ultrasonic Cleaner removes any plaque and tartar from your teeth, as well as any stains with over 12,000 vibrations per minute!

17 reviews for 3-in-1 Ultrasonic Tooth Cleaner | Scale & Polish

  1. Amy (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing! Brought for my husband who thought it was the best gift ever- I had to have bonding on my 2 front teeth due to an accident and being a tea drinker and smoker it stains! I borrowed this little device from him and It has removed all staining and plaque in a matter of minutes from my teeth!! My front teeth have never felt smoother or looked whiter! 10000% recommend! Can’t stop rubbing my tongue over them- Best purchase! Thank you Smirk! 🙂

  2. ShaDz

    Honest Review:
    I’m an avid reviewer and a high ranking local guide google reviewer. This is a real, honest review.
    I wanted to leave this review to help anyone make the jump to buy this product. Just buy it, it’s worth it, because it changed everything for me. I’ll be quite embarrassed to say I haven’t visited a dentist in 10+ years. My teeth are in good tact, I brush twice and mouth wash daily with Corsodyl. Reason for Corsodyl recently, is due to plaque/tartar build up in my teeth. I never really noticed it on my front bottom teeth as it’s hidden and not on show, even when I speak. I only recently noticed how bad the build up was and then read into Corsodyl to help due to fluoride needed to help protect against the plaque. Still no luck and then became self-conscious with the build up of plaque. I looked into scale & polish and then was a bit sceptical with dentists as the costs/packages and check ups needed first then further clean sessions etc etc. My friend showed me a hefty bill he received after finally visiting a dentist for his smoking habit plaque build up. It was not fun and neither was the different sessions over the next few months of dentist appointments needed. It put me off even more, then I looked into dental insurance, which doesn’t cover you if you haven’t visited a dentist within 2 hours. I started doing research and then came across this 3-in-1 ultra sonic vibrator for your teeth. was sceptical, but then done a ton of research, and it’s actually pretty much the same as doctors use for scale & polish. I read reviews, I watched videos on it working and just bought it was it was quite cheap and next day delivery. It arrived today as after charging for 2 hours, I gave this a go.
    please believe me when I say, this worked in 30-minutes of usage and my front plaque has just vibrated/cleaned away. I’m actually shocked at how good this worked and so painless and easy. as im writing this review, it’s currently charging again so I will be finishing the plaque at the back of my teeth, but after years/maybe 8-9 months of plaque build up on my front set of teeth… it’s all gone. I cannot wait to use the bigger tool to do a whitening scale and polish but I don’t even care, the £40 was worth getting rid of the plaque within 30mins. Thank you for this product and giving me some peace of mind. Would love to help answer questions for people, for questions I struggled to find online myself. will recommend this product.

  3. Donna B (verified owner)

    Product arrived promptly after ordering. Noticeable results after using once. It removed plaque build up on my teeth. I was sceptical but am so glad I bought it. Would recommend.

  4. Anita (verified owner)

    I was excited after reading the good reviews but also apprehensive when I saw one or two bad ones.
    Honestly, it’s great. First use was amazing. I brushed my teeth in the usual way then used this. It got so much more plaque and tartar removed. It has worked on any discolouration I had at the back too. Brilliant product.

  5. Danielle (verified owner)

    I have literally just used this and had to leave a review it is actually that good!
    I read quite a few reviews saying this doesn’t actually work and was starting to regret purchasing and had I wasted quite a bit of money but honestly I can actually say it does! Delivery was really quick which was a bonus too! I was a smoker and I am a heavy tea drinker and had a really horrible black stain between my two front teeth which makes it even more obvious that my two front teeth aren’t straight(one slightly overlaps the other) I was so embarrassed about it and the fact my children would point it out regularly and have a laugh about it. It made me really self conscious! I used this after charging it up and the stain is just about gone all ready!! One use!! No lie!! I honestly feel amazed and so relieved and happy!! I have used the powder with the toothbrush head and my teeth do look whiter….not gleaming and blind you whiter but definitely a shade whiter I would say! This is incredible! I am so excited to keep using and see even more results and not be embarrassed to talk or smile at people!! I showed my partner as soon as he got in from work haha and can’t wait to show my kids to stop the ‘something black on your tooth joke’
    I also purchased the led and the strips but holding off on using them for about a week to use this alongside the powder first!
    If you have any doubts about buying I hope this review helps!
    * I would just like to say this is absolutely one hundred percent a real review!*

  6. Helen (verified owner)

    This kit is fantastic. I have a problematic overlapping tooth, which gets a plaque build up at the rear. The dentist does not seem to want to give me a scrape and polish to remove it anymore. This has been really getting to me. I hate it!
    I can’t afford to keep paying a hygienist for a scrape and polish! I’ve tried other tooth cleaners but they didn’t work.
    This one was easy to set up, and use once charged. Sorted the issue out within seconds. My teeth feel great! Super clean.
    Also love the powder!
    I cannot recommend enough.

  7. Jade T

    Really impressed with this amazing set . So much cheaper than going to the dentist and much less painful my teeth are so sensitive as my nerves are exposed I can clean my teeth on the low setting with no pain . 100 % recommend

  8. Grace (verified owner)

    10/10, amazing purchase. I would recommend this to anyone who is hesitating – you won’t regret buying this!

  9. Joanna Carmichael

    I’ve bought the scale and polish and the whitening powder. It arrived when it said it would and I’m literally so impressed! I’m the sort of person that will check all the reviews but still doesn’t believe the reviews are real! My review is 100% honest! It really is better than going to the hygienist, you can do it in your own time and I don’t feel like I’ve been butchered like I do when I’ve been to the dentist. It’s got years of hard tea stains off!! I’ve got to admit though when i first tried it, I thought, this is rubbish it doesn’t even work! But I stuck at it and got the right angle and it’s got all of the stains off! Best product I’ve ever bought myself! No more hygienist for me 😁

  10. KT Matie

    I love this little set – the brush gives a really good clean and is less harsh than a regular electric toothbrush. The attachments that come with it are ace as well helping you get at the really hard to reach places. I use the whitening powder twice a week as recommended and I am starting to see a difference. I am very impressed!!!

  11. Lawrance Richards

    Recently bought the ultrasonic tooth cleaner and I’m quite amazed how well it works. I’ve been a smoker for many years and my teeth had lots of nicotine staining which was embarrassing whenever I smiled/laughed etc. Now after using it I’m seeing results. I doubt the stains will ever totally go but I’m amazed at how better my teeth look after just a few uses, less plaque less stains. I’m happy.

  12. Gemma pyka (verified owner)

    Absolute brilliant product
    Defo recommend

  13. Jenna

    Good product.

  14. Jason (verified owner)

    Unbelievable results!
    This does exactly what I goto the dentist for the only difference is this device is sooooo much cheaper than dental treatment!
    100% recommend to everyone.
    Now I can smile again knowing people aren’t looking at my skanky stained teeth cos now they’re nice and stain free …
    Thank you smirk !

  15. Sharon Mctaggart

    After talking to the amazing Charlie who’s customer service is second to none, we have sorted my issue. My ultrasonic cleaner is faulty but Charlie replied ASAP and is sending a replacement for me. This is the service that all companies sound be giving especially at these trying times. Thank you again Charlie, keep up the good work you guys are doing.

  16. Stephen Mayfield (verified owner)

    Received this today. Customer service was fantastic. And i was so excited to use the product i charged it up, as directed. and then ive had a go. I forgot to take a before picture. I was sceptical that it was a gimmick, as most of the things you see online are these days. But i can honestly say. WOW. The results from my first go are amazing. The difference is outstanding and very visible already. Im so happy i purchased this. Cannot reccomend highly enough. Will be telling all my friends about it.
    Thank you so much.

  17. Jordan

    This product has MASSIVELY helped to remove the stains between my teeth, can’t wait to continue using!

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Set up Instructions

1. Please charge for more than 3 hours when first using.

2. When the light shows continuously the scaler is fully charged.

3. When the battery is low the light will flash continually.

4. Use the power button to change the speed of the cleaner.

5. To switch from Toothbrush to Ultrasonic cleaner. Rotate the head to the left to remove and replace with desired head.

Flat Tip – For tooth surfaces
Needle Tip – For in between teeth
Brush Tip – Best with Smirk Powder

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