Our Story

Smirk was born out of genuine love for making people smile and a determination to be the first in the industry to be completely transparent about it.

Our mission is to provide safe, affordable, legal, dentist-approved teeth-whitening products for people to use at home.

And that mission is—regrettably—a novel one.

Shocked? That’s understandable considering that most people don’t know that even widely-publicized teeth whitening services and products used without a qualified dentist are, in fact, illegal and often dangerous.

Our devotion to white smiles and our matching unsullied ethos have been our driving forces since day 1…  

We first provided teeth whitening services in a clinic in Sheffield (UK) then known as Smiles11. But the law changed soon after starting this endeavour, making it illegal to offer teeth whitening in clinics without being a certified dentist. Being the honest people we are, we closed the clinic immediately.

Others… did not. They continued providing newly illegal teeth whitening services and products. Not only were these products and services dangerous without dentist approval, they just didn’t work. Essentially, customers were paying to be taken advantage of.

Our revolution started as all revolutions do: with frustration, disappointment, and a healthy dose of anger at the way things were.

We made it our duty to connect and collaborate with dental professionals, research and test ingredients for safety and effectiveness, and did our homework in order to exist in harmony with laws designed to protect consumers. Smirk Tooth Powder, officially tested for safety and registered with the European Cosmetics Register, is what rose from the Smiles11 ashes in 2016! In just our first month of operating, we were inundated with positive feedback and website traffic through the roof!

This only affirmed our values. We promise:

  • Transparency. R.I.P. to rip-offs—we do exactly what we say we’re going to do. We wish that wasn’t such a novel idea either, but it is!
  • Autonomy. Yellow teeth are your problem. So you deserve to be in charge of the solution—and still make it a dentist-quality one.
  • The Highest Quality Possible. Dentist quality. And yep, we’re the only ones who can make that promise.

Our vision is a global community of people empowered by Smirk and equally confident in their own smiles.

Whiter teeth are not all we make shine. Our love and passion for what we do shines through, too. We’re proud of our brand and the recognition it’s gained. We’re featured in some of the UK’s top magazines and media outlets, including: Vogue, Cosmopolitan, GQ, Esquire, Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, Women’s Health and Elle Magazine.

Invest in your best smile here.