Scarily good teeth whitening powder

Introducing the brand new Smiles Weekly Teeth Brightening Powder – To achieve a pearly white smile all you have to do is dip a wet tooth brush into our lovely powder & brush. Smiles teeth brightening powder removes all external staining, leaving your teeth feeling shiny, clean and bright.
Our powder removes stains caused by excessive smoking, coffee, tea & other overindulgences. Unlike teeth brightening strips which dehydrate the teeth to make them look white, our powder gives your teeth long-lasting brightness and shine by removing the outer layer of staining.

What our powder does

Teeth whitening powder

Removes staining

This 40g pot of teeth whitening powder can remove years of staining caused by smoking, tea, coffee & more.

Teeth whitening powder

It’s gentle

Our powder is non-toxic and does not use peroxide to clean the teeth so is safer to use than other products.

Teeth whitening powder

Hygienist clean

Teeth licking good clean and stain removal that feels like you’ve just had a visit to your dental hygienist!

Teeth whitening powder

Weekly use

Smiles Teeth Whitening Powder is suitable for use once or twice weekly, meaning your teeth will always shine.

Fellow spooks

Spooky things spooky people have said about us

We're no ghosts

Our teeth whitening products are whispered by customers and the press alike

Spook your teeth

Vampire like, white teeth from the first-use for just £24.99