Christmas Ready? A Teeth Whitening Countdown for Festive Gatherings

Christmas Ready? A Teeth Whitening Countdown for Festive Gatherings

The holidays are a time for joyful gatherings with family and friends. With lots of smiles and photos, you'll want your teeth looking their absolute brightest! Follow this teeth-whitening countdown to get a dazzling, picture-perfect smile just in time for the festive season with Smirk® oral care.

6 Weeks Before Holidays: Assess Teeth Whitening Needs

Take a look at your smile and identify any stains or discoloration. Make note of trouble spots where whitening is needed most. This gives you time to choose the best Smirk® products and allows them to fully brighten before the holidays.

4 Weeks Before: Begin Detective work

Begin with The Smirk® Plaque Indicator. With its advanced plaque detection technology, our Plaque Indicator highlights areas of plaque and stain buildup on your teeth (by turning it purple and then pink), making it easy for you to target those hard-to-reach spots and remove any unwanted stains or plaque. 

3 Weeks before: Begin Intense Whitening Treatments

Start using intensive Smirk whitening kits like the LED Teeth Whitening Kit or Boost Max Kit to lift deep-set stains. Use the included accelerator light for 20-30 minutes daily to see major brightening in just a few uses. Or invest in revolutionary whitening ingredients included in our Boost Max Kit such as EDTA, PAP and the tongue twister Hydroxyapatite to remove stains and strengthen your enamel.

2 Weeks Before: Maintain Results with Consistent Targeted Cleaning

Maintain your gleaming new smile with quick Smirk Solutions to target any remaining trouble spots. The Ultrasonic Tooth Cleaner Pro is a daily tool with 2 detachable interdental heads; Flat Tip – To remove stains and plaque on the tooth surface. Needle Tip – To cancel stains between the teeth and plaque buildup between them.Toothbrush – To maintain a natural, healthy smile!

1 Week Before: Polish and Prep Smile for Photos

Get your smile camera-ready! Use Smirk's PAP Teeth Whitening Powder before the holidays. Add the powder to your toothpaste, one to two times per week. Our signature mint powder is safe even for sensitive teeth.

Day Before: FINISH STRONG!! Say cheese!

With Smirk's help, your holiday smile makeover is a breeze! Our easy timeline lets you prep gradually, avoiding last-minute whitening panic. Smirk offers products for every budget and timeline so all can smile confidently this festive season.

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