Teeth whitening that makes you Smirk.

Our products are

Bleach & Peroxide free.
Teeth whitening powder

Stain removers

Our products remove stains caused by excessive smoking, coffee, tea & other overindulgences.

Teeth whitening powder

Gentle on teeth

Our products are non-toxic and do not use peroxide to clean the teeth so are safer to use than other products.

Teeth whitening powder

Ultra hygienic

Teeth lickingly good clean and stain removal that feels like you’ve just had a visit to your dental hygienist!

Teeth whitening powder

Usable regularly

Smirk products are suitable for regular use, meaning your teeth will always shine.

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Results, the first time

Smirk can remove all external stains from years of over overindulgence



We're fairly popular

Our teeth whitening products are adored by customers and the press alike

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Give your teeth the love that they deserve. Results from first-use, trusted by thousands.